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Reconnective Healing

Een krachtige relatief nieuwe manier om contact te leggen met het universele energieveld is Reconnective Healing

Wat is het?
“Reconnective Healing is the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet. It’s a highly evolved form of energy interaction that continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness. It promotes our ability to heal ourselves and impact the lives of others. Recognized by today’s science as the Reconnective Healing frequencies, Reconnective Healing is comprised of this new, all-inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information. These vibrational frequencies encompass the energy systems and benefits of all energy healing techniques, yet are accessible without complicated steps, procedures or rituals… and can be learned by everyone.”

Er is veel onderzoek naar gedaan. Via deze link kom je op de officiële site:

Reconnective Healing and Science

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Ik ben sinds 24 juni 2018 een gecertificeerd Foundational Practitioner en mag ik sessies geven.